Friday, 26 October 2012


Penponds B169450
Penponds A169054
Park Bottom A168955
Godolphin Cross167371
Park Bottom B166579


Fixtures 2012-2013

October 18th
Godolphin v Bye
Penponds A 9-0 Illogan
Leedstown 3-6 Park Bottom A
Stithians B 2-7 Penponds B
Park Bottom B 4-5 Rosudgeon

October 25th
Illogan 3-6 Godolphin
Bye v Park Bottom B
Park Bottom A 5-4 Penponds A
Penponds B 8-1 Leedstown
Rosudgeon 5-4 Stithians B

November 1st
Godolphin 5-4 Park Bottom A
Bye v Illogan
Penponds A 5-4 Penponds B
Leedstown 4-5 Rosudgeon
Park Bottom B 7-2 Stithians B

November 8th
Penponds B 5-4 Godolphin
Park Bottom A v Bye
Illogan 5-4 Park Bottom B
Rosudgeon 2-7 Penponds A
Stithians B 3-6 Leedstown

November 15th
Godolphin 6-3 Rosudgeon
Bye v Penponds B
Illogan 3-6 Park Bottom A
Penponds A 6-3 Stithians B
Park Bottom B 5-4 Leedstown (playing monday 19th)

November 22nd
Stithians B 3-6 Godolphin
Rosudgeon v Bye
Penponds B 6-3 Illogan
Park Bottom A 7-2 Park Bottom B
Leedstown 4-5 Penponds A

November 29th
Godolphin 5-4 Leedstown
Bye v Stithians B
Illogan 5-4 Rosudgeon
Park Bottom A 6-3 Penponds B
Penponds A 6-3 Park Bottom B

December 6th
Penponds A 3-6 Godolphin
Leedstown v Bye
Stithians B 6-3 Illogan
Rosudgeon 5-4 Park Bottom A
Park Bottom B 5-4 Penponds B

December 13th
Godolphin 4-5 Park Bottom B
Bye v Penponds A
Illogan 5-4 Leedstown
Park Bottom A 8-1 Stithians B
Penponds B 6-3 Rosudgeon

December 20th
Bye v Godolphin
Illogan 3-6 Penponds A
Park Bottom A 2-7 Leedstown
Penponds B 9-0 Stithians B
Rosudgeon 4-5 Park Bottom B

January 3rd
Godolphin 5-4 Illogan
Park Bottom B v Stithians A
Penponds A 3-6 Park Bottom A
Leedstown 3-6 Penponds B
Stithians B 3-6 Rosudgeon

January 10th
Park Bottom A 7-2 Godolphin
Illogan v Stithians A
Penponds B 7-2 Penponds A
Rosudgeon 2-7 Leedstown
Stithians B 3-6 Park Bottom B

January 17th
Godolphin 4-5 Penponds B
Stithians A v Park Bottom A
Park Bottom B 3-6 Illogan
Penponds A 6-3 Rosudgeon
Leedstown 4-5 Stithians B

January 24th
Rosudgeon 3-6 Godolphin
Penponds B v Stithians A
Park Bottom A 8-1 Illogan A
Stithians B 1-8 Penponds A
Leedstown 9-0 Park Bottom B

January 31st
Godolphin 5-4 Stithians B
Stithians A v Rosudgeon
Illogan 2-7 Penponds B
Park Bottom B 5-4 Park Bottom A
Penponds A 5-4 Leedstown

February 7th
Leedstown 4-5 Godolphin
Stithians B v Stithians A
Rosudgeon 5-4 Illogan
Penponds B 4-5 Park Bottom A
Park Bottom B 2-7 Penponds A

February 14th
Godolphin 1-8 Penponds A
Stithians A v Leedstown
Illogan 6-3 Stithians B
Park Bottom A 6-3 Rosudgeon
Penponds B  7-2 Park Bottom B

February 21st
Park Bottom B 6-3 Godolphin
Penponds A v Stithians A
Leedstown 3-6 Illogan
Stithians B 4-5 Park Bottom A
Rosudegeon 3-6 Penponds B

Ken Bucket Knockout

Format : Exactly the same as a league match but team handicaps will be revised before it starts as its the first season using them. First team to 5 points wins.

February 28th – Last 16

1)Leedstown 4-5 Penponds A

March 7th – Quarter Finals

2)Illogan vs Park Bottom A
3Park Bottom B v Penponds B
4)Rosudgeon v Penponds A
5)Godolphin v Stithians B

March 14th  - Semi Finals

Winner of 2 v Winner of 3
Winner of 4 v Winner of 5

March 21st - Final

Team Handicaps 2012-2013

Team Handicaps are to be used to make the league fairer,
handicaps were based on last seasons league tables

Handicap per frame
Penponds A - 0
Leedstown - 10
Godolphin - 15
Stithians B - 15
Stithians A - 20
Illogan - 25
Park Bottom A - 35
Park Bottom B - 35
Penponds B - 35
Rosudgeon - 35